Sekolah Darma Yudha "To provide high quality education which emphasises on the combination of intelectual and spiritual development and healthy environment."

Sekolah Darma Yudha
Country: ,
Address: Jl. SM Amin/ Arengka II No. 189, Pekanbaru
Founded: 2006

Darma Yudha School is a Private ‘National Plus’ and non-denominational school. Our aim in education here in Darma Yudha is to educate students with not only ‘tangible’ knowledge for their future, but also life skills which can never be learnt from books alone. We emphasize both on the growth of the child’s intellect and also more importantly the character of the child. Darma Yudha means ‘young achievers’ , and our promise is that we will do our best to bring out the achiever in every single child under our care.

As a ‘National Plus’ school, Darma Yudha intends to provide education of the highest quality for the young, right here in Pekanbaru. Darma Yudha educates with a Trilingual approach; Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Mandarin. Bahasa Indonesia and English are the two main languages to be used in the teaching and learning process in this school, while Mandarin would be taught gradually based on the age and ability of students. The trilingual approach would help the child to not only be able to communicate effectively, but also to give them a comparative advantage to others, wherever their future careers would take them.

Since its founding, Darma Yudha School has become one of the most progressive schools in Riau Province , always on track to achieve something bigger and better. Today, it has hundreds of students who are in a constant state of learning, advancement and achievement.